Am I an Automotive Hypochondriac”

This morning as I was on my way to work, I entered the highway and noticed my car shaking as I accelerated.  Honestly, it felt like I was going to have a blowout.  I made the decision to exit and turn around.  A quick call to my mother-in-law Wilma was in order.  She and I have been trading off on the two vehicles me and my wife own.  This is because the AC in Wilma’s car went out and, as long as my wife is working from home, there’s no need for a car with working AC to sit in our driveway — especially since Wilma watches our kids for us during the day.  I met up with her and traded off.  She took the Accord while I took the rockin’ Town and Country.  During the day she was even kind enough to take the car (and the kids) into the shop.  And you know they “couldn’t hear any noise”.

"Can you fix me jitney?"

“Can you fix me jitney?” Note: not my actual vehicle. (Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)

I know I’m not crazy.  Well, I may be crazy but I’m not wrong in this area.  My wife heard the same noise I did just a few days ago.  I began Googling “2006 Accord grinding noise” to see what was wrong.  Actually, this was kind of helpful because the results mostly pointed to the same thing.  So this afternoon I took the car over to another shop where I’ve had work done in the past.  Actually, the car’s been worked on at this other shop.  I’ve never had work done on myself.  Anyway, the car sat on the life for an eternity.  I could see it through the glass, mocking me.  And why is it that every time I’m at this shop the only thing on the TV is a program about a pawn shop in the bayou?  I believe it’s a form of torture..  But after a while, as I was actually getting ready to go coincidentally, the mechanic came up to me and began to explain his theory.  He reminded me of a doctor coming to tell a patient “Look, I’m trying to placate you because you seem concerned but your health is really fine.”  What he actually said was something along the lines of “You’ve got a blah blah blah busted seal blah blah blah.  Car’s fine to drive but since my best diagnostics guy is off today; why don’t you bring it back tomorrow?”  OK, first, it’s diagnostician.  Second, OK, I’m fine to bring it back for a closer look.  But if it’s OK to drive, then what’s the deal?  Hopefully the “diagnostics guy” can figure it out.  Thank God the car didn’t need any prescriptions.


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