How Much for This Tooth?

Kitchen is rolling along!

Kitchen is rolling along!

How much could it possibly be worth?

How much could it possibly be worth?

The house is coming along nicely. Also, son, you lost your second tooth today! Well, truthfully, you lost that tooth a few days ago and Mommy and I put it aside so you could put it under your pillow but we forgot. We’re great parents. Anyway, as the young man of the house was headed to bed, Daddy remembered the tooth and used it as leverage. “If you don’t go to sleep quickly, the tooth fairy can’t come and leave you money!” This turned quickly into a conversation about how much the tooth fairy might leave him. Also, his sister started to cry because the tooth fairy wouldn’t be visiting her tonight. “Sweetheart, the tooth fairy can only come if you’ve got a tooth under your pillow.” Quickly realizing the thought process of the average three year-old I began to imagine her purposely knocking out a tooth. Since my daughter is not average, I began to imagine her knocking out one of her brother’s teeth. Also, I’m a complete sucker. This has either made me an awesome dad or a crappy one. I’m edging toward the latter. “But maybe, sweetheart, the tooth fairy might leave you something smaller to encourage you to keep brushing your teeth so they don’t fall out.” Work with me here. I know nothing’s going to stop her baby teeth from falling out but it’s all I could think of. Needless to say that at some point during the long night, the tooth fairy did arrive and left a dollar for the tooth and a quarter for the brushing. God, I suck at parenting.


One response to “How Much for This Tooth?

  1. This made my Monday.

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