And So It Begins…

Completely in “catch-up” mode again.  Sorry…

Time to go back again?

Time to go back again?

Today I went back to work.  I could insert a sad face here and be cute.  But do you know what I did when my obnoxious alarm went off this morning?  Try not to laugh or think of me as some kind of overly-pious freak.  I actually dropped to my knees and said a prayer of thanksgiving because I have a job to go to and it’s a job that, barring the normal insanity associated with being a high school teacher (an insanity I actually seem to thrive on), I truly enjoy doing.  Now, that being said, I also tried not to get too sad.  On this day of the year I always remember the time I went back to work after a summer vacation when my son was about a year and a half old.  I had just spent the whole summer with — just me and him for the most part as Mommy was still working in an office back then.  We had the best of fun!  We played, we napped, we went to the pool, we took afternoon trips to Target to get out of the house.  I didn’t want to go back to work then, either.  And it was for the same reasons going through my mind this morning. It’s not fair that we have to earn a living for our families and can’t spend all day with the beautiful children God gives us.  I remember my wife texting me that day a few years ago.  She had brought our son downstairs for his breakfast.  I was already at work.  He walked around the whole first floor calling out “Daddy?  Daddy?”  I can’t imagine why she would have thought this text wouldn’t break my heart.  A few years later, a different school, two kids now, both a little older…  It still sucks.

But I am thankful.  There are still so many who don’t have the work they want or even work at all.  So there’s my quandary.  Perhaps I can work things out where I can teach remotely?  No, I suppose that wouldn’t work.  My principal would probably frown on me teaching in my pj’s.  Where am I going with all this?  Only 192 days until we get to summer again, kittens.  In the meantime, there’s Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, MLK Day, etc.

Before I close this out, I’ll tell you both about something Mommy’s working on right now.  Tomorrow’s the big birthday party for her sister.  Her sister is not celebrating any particularly big birthday but it’s a big celebration nonetheless.  Mommy’s baking and I think she’s about to put every woman who ever posted to Pinterest to shame.  More to come.


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