Big Man and the Dentist

Following on the heals of yesterday’s hearing and vision checks (remember the crescent?) today saw the big guy (AKA: son) visit the dentist for the very first time!  Yes, he’s five years-old and he’s never been to the dentist.  Sue me.  He’s a hearty boy.  In fact, children of his size fall into the category I like to call “sturdy babies”.  He was just over ten pounds at birth, got all his teeth early, and when he lost his first tooth a month ago we figured it was time to just get things checked out.  All in all it was a fun experience. The hygienist was a pro.  She clearly knows how to deal with little kids and Son enjoyed his visit from start to finish.  Speaking of, remember how yesterday I mentioned that the doctor himself didn’t actually show his face until the very end of the visit and then was extremely perfunctory?  Same thing happened today.  My son was also a pro as he had a giant X-ray machine encircle his head, sat for a cleaning, picked out a toy, and then waited…  and waited… and waited.  In fact, we waited for forty-five minutes for the dentist to show up only for him to say “Everything looks good!” and hand us a bill.  Nevertheless, all is well and we had a fun time.

Almost forgot, this morning I also had a doctor’s appointment.  If you recall, a few months ago I had a fainting episode.  The doctor, given my family history, ordered an echocardiogram.  Other than the cold, gooey gel splattered all throughout the hair on my chest, it was not an unenjoyable experience.  When the tech finished, he noticed me holding my phone in the air pointing downward.  “It’s my echo-selfie,” I said.  “Better idea?  Why don’t you take a picture of the screen and I’ll bring the video up?”  This guy was cool.  More to the point, he said I have a very strong heart.  In fact, he said, it is as strong as a team of oxen pulling a herd of elephants through the lobby of a Gold’s Gym.  That’s a relief.  On my way home, things continued to get better as I noticed the truck from Lowe’s parked out front.  It was our new stove!!!  The kitchen, and therefore the house, is finally coming together.


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