Kittens in Galveston Day 4

Playing in the sand (with an abundance of seaweed).

Playing in the sand (with an abundance of seaweed).

Another day at the beach…  Well, not so much for me.  I went out there for about an hour and a half earlier (where I snapped a nice pic of the kids building a castle or digging for treasure or something).  Then it got to be a little too hot and all that so the kids and I came back to the house.  My wife, who has been spending the mornings (and early afternoons) working (via the wifi at the house) decided just as we got back that she was ready to go down to the beach so the kids made the return trip with her and I settled in for a little bit of rest.  It was short lived, though, as my wife called me to inform me that she wanted me to come get our son who needed the use of a bathroom.  My son, upon taking care of business, opted to get changed and remain with Daddy watching a movie in the comfort of the air conditioned beach house.  The movie?  Megamind.  I really enjoyed this one.  My son, who had watched the film multiple times over the previous 24 hours, also liked the movie.  However, after getting his old man invested in this thing, he decided that the last ten minutes were unimportant — remember, he was by now well versed in this movie — and talked through the whole thing.  I’ll just have to catch it another time.  Perhaps when I drive over to the Walmart to return the thing at the Redbox, I’ll park the car and watch it on the kids’ video screen in the back before actually returning it.  On second thought, that sounds weird.  I’ll just read about it online.

We also had a game night of sorts this evening that I’ll have to write about tomorrow (once I’ve collected the legal release forms from the other contestants authorizing me to embarrass them).


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