Kittens in Galveston Day 3

And like that, the boy is all caught up.  Whew…

Yes, Avenue M and a Half.  Good goin', Galveston.  You just made my year.

Yes, Avenue M and a Half. Good goin’, Galveston. You just made my year.

Wanna’ know what I spent Day 3 doing?  Writing, that’s what.  I love writing.  I’m happy to tell this story to my kids.  And I will never let three weeks go by without posting again.  That being said, I began this day with a trip to Galveston Island’s lone Walmart to purchase a wireless router since the one at the beachhouse we’re renting didn’t seem to want to work.  Then my wife and her mom took the kittens to the beach while I began carefully setting up twenty-one days worth of posts as drafts to be filled in.  Here we are at the end of the day and I can happily say I’m there.

I am the Grill Master!

I am the Grill Master!

The day was very relaxed.  In the evening I had the joy of re-learning how to grill on a charcoal hibachi.  There’s an art to it.  I remembered that the last time we were here, my wife’s father and I spent a good long while trying to light that grill and worrying that we’d blow up the rental house.  He must have been with me in spirit because everything went simmingly.  The steaks turned out great.  I thought of actually going over to the gym across the road after dinner to see about lifting.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen the inside of a gym.  I wouldn’t mind except that Pope Francis recently caused me to gain quite a bit of weight.  That’s right.  I went there.  He said that wasting food is like robbing from the poor.  So now every time my kids take something and don’t finish it I feel compelled to provide the example that we don’t want to rob from the poor by eating their leftovers.  It’s sad, really.  Maybe one day I’ll get back into a shape other than round.  In the meantime the diabolical goatee mentioned in an earlier post is coming in nicely.  I’m still not convinced my wife is too fond of it.  “Mustaches are kind of creepy,” she said to me a few days ago.  But she lacks the vision to see that it’s not a mustache.  She’s completely ignoring the chin stuff going on.  Why would I grow such a thing on my face?  Simply put, because I can.  Many men cannot grow facial hair into any reasonable semblance of a pattern resembling anything found in the history of men’s fashion and style in the Western world.  I believe that those of us who can, should.  It also helps that my beard grows very quickly so I can shave this tomorrow and have the same thing back a week from now if I wanted to.  With school starting up again soon I might just get rid of it.  Then again, I might just keep it to taunt my boy students who, even if they could grow something this awesome, are forbidden from doing so by the school’s dress code.  I know; it’s those little moments in life that bring such joy.


2 responses to “Kittens in Galveston Day 3

  1. My kids never knew their Dad without a beard. One of the happiest days of my life was when my husband shaved
    off the beard he decided to grow in 1976. He immediately looked
    10 years younger. His entire family cheered! Think about it.

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