Catching Up Day 8

Oh... my... goodness...

Oh… my… goodness…

Remember how my mother-in-law and I thought the guy I bought my house from was making movies of ill-repute in that same house?  Yeah…  Tonight I took one of the many DVD players he “left” for us over to Wilma’s house because her’s stopped working.  “Hand me a tape, will you?” I asked her, hoping to see if the VHS side of this unit actually worked.  “Sure, hon’,” she said as she handed me a copy of Pope John Paul II starring Jon Voight.  But the tape wouldn’t go in.  “Oh,” I said, “there’s already a tape in here.  Let me just pop it out and…”  That’s about as far as I got before I looked at the tape in that had just ejected and realized what it was.  Needless to say, she and I laughed as hard as any two fools can laugh.


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