Benedict and Rita Surprise New Jersey: Day 14

Almost forgot…  Last night we had a surprise of our own.  Our son, who is all of five years-old, came to us and mentioned that he had “popcorn stuck in my tooth”.  We hadn’t had popcorn since our trip to the movies two days earlier.  My wife looked and realized right away it was a loose tooth!  I must include this, son, because I’m writing this all for you and your sister.  Now you’ll be able to pinpoint this momentous event in your life, or something like that.  Explaining the whole tooth fairy thing, we put the kittens to bed and stayed up late catching up with my sister and her husband and kids.  In fact, I fell asleep watching Easy A (very funny movie).

This morning, I walked in to where my son was asleep.  *Son, don’t read this part until you’re older.*  I realized he was about to wake up and the tooth fairy had forgotten to pay her visit.  She’s a pain in the neck.  I quickly searched my pockets for anything money-wise.  Not happening.  I glanced at the dresser next to me and said: “I don’t know who’s bill this is, but I’m taking it!”  Instantly I slipped the bill under the pillow and then my son woke up.  All was well.

OK, so it rained most of the day but, being used to Texas summers now, we actually enjoyed just watching it through the plate glass windows.  By the afternoon we were ready to head off back to the big city to pay a visit with my parents with whom, unfortunately, we just didn’t get a whole lot of one-on-one time this trip.  After a quick stop at mass, we picked up my parents and headed to one of my favorite places, the DINER!!!  It’s a Jersey thing.  We love our diners.  While there we got some great pictures of the kids and their grandparents.  It’s really cute.  My son, especially, has a great connection with my mom.  He doesn’t see her but maybe once a year but he loves her to death.

And then we drove around the neighborhood and said our goodbyes because it was time to leave.  That only took about two hours.  Finally, it was time for everyone to go to sleep while Daddy drove us the hour and a half down to Philadelphia where we checked into our hotel and went to bed.  Our flight’s in the morning.


One response to “Benedict and Rita Surprise New Jersey: Day 14

  1. The tooth fairy is notoriously late to our house as well. Sometimes we even have to leave a tooth for the next night because Mommy was up too late with the baby and the tooth fairy, like Santa, doesn’t come when people are awake. Thankfully, my children are a forgiving sort. 🙂 Congrats to Ben! My SIX year old recently lost her first tooth, Ben is always ahead of the curve like his parents!

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