Benedict and Rita Surprise New Jersey: Day 12

Another day, another birthday!

Today, my nephew turned 8.  For the record, he’s the son of my blogging sister.  Check her out here.  Cake for everyone and then catching up with an old friend at my sister’s house.  Both my sister and I used to work with this friend at a shipping company.  We spent a good portion of our visit imagining how much fun it would be if we were to get our hands on the Luna Maersk.  What’s that?  You’ve never heard of the Luna Maersk?!  For the record, it’s a cargo freighter that, it turns out, is no longer actually in service and may very well be consigned to the bottom of the North Atlantic.  Our dream was to transform her into a “party freighter”.  You know, some people have party boats.  We dream big.

Party time!!!

Party time!!!


One response to “Benedict and Rita Surprise New Jersey: Day 12

  1. Happy birthday Scientist! The cake looks awesome LeRheims and sister B.
    Why does a party freighter not surprise me coming from you?
    Glad you were able to make it to your Godson’s birthday. Hope everyone had fun!

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