Benedict and Rita Surprise New Jersey: Day 8

Got a surprise today in the form of a visit from friends of ours from Virginia.  Realizing that our travel plans prohibited us from making the drive down there, they decided to drive the two hours north to my sister’s house in Pennsylvania.  We began by taking our kids to Hershey’s Chocolate World for the tour (we’ve done this many times before but they always enjoy it).  Then we spent the rest of the day again relaxing by the pool.  Since we found ourselves entertaining company while we ourselves were guests, we provided the booze.  And that is when I discovered that a certain margarita mixer I have used before might not be so good for me.  The truth is that I prefer to make my own margaritas.  Even though I have no problem with mixers, this one in particular proved so acidic that it gave me the worst heartburn I have ever had.  Lesson learned.  From now on I will simply mix my own (or halve the mixer and double the tequila).  It was also one of my niece’s birthdays today so we had extra reason to celebrate!


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