Benedict and Rita Surprise New Jersey: Day 2

Woke up refreshed.  Went to mass at our favorite church on earth, the Shrine of St. Rita (where me and my wife were married).  Realized we had an hour to kill and visited some history.  Then we hit the road.  Our plan was to meet my family at the cemetery.  Sound macabre?  Not really.  June 19th is the anniversary of when my dear little niece went home to God.  She was just under two years old and we all still miss her terribly.  I knew the whole family would be gathered (all forty or so of them anyway) for prayer and a visit.  I was not prepared, though, for my own mother not recognizing me when I pulled up in our rental car.  She waved politely.  I got out of the car and approached.  “OH!  I didn’t have my glasses on,” she said.  “Lady, you don’t wear glasses,” I replied.  “But you look so tan!” came her retort.  “I live closer to the sun these days,” I answered.  Mom!  Son!  We hugged and she thanked my wife for the lovely surprise.


One response to “Benedict and Rita Surprise New Jersey: Day 2

  1. Rita’s bonnet is adorable! Paulina had one similar color when she was a toddler.

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