Not Falling Behind

Today, the rest of my Father’s Day present came.  I love my wife.  She always knows just what to get me.  She also knows how much I love getting new clothes and my affinity for Old Navy.  So, needless to say, a large package with some awesome new threads arrived at the house.  Also, the crew showed up pretty early this morning to put in some more work on the kitchen.  That’s coming along nicely.  Kids had their swimming lessons.  I should say lesson because, due to an early morning thunderstorm, the swam in a combined group at the later time.  Got to take them and my mother-in-law to mass at the beautiful St. Jude’s Chapel in downtown Dallas.  Ooh…  I returned their library books.  Shh…  Don’t tell them.  Returning library books is like sneaking a drug shipment across the border.  They really liked these books.  I just can’t see holding on to them too much longer and paying a fine.  I diverted them by sending them over to Granny’s.  Other than that, it’s been a quiet day.  Hope both of you are enjoying peace and prosperity these days as well!  Peace.


One response to “Not Falling Behind

  1. A peaceful day is such a blessing! Visited the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal in Phila today – a beautiful Mass celebrated by (retired) Bishop Martino, with lovely music – and the congregation was treated to lunch afterward to celebrate the end of the summer novena. So gratifying to be in a church FULL of people praying and singing in strong voices! Wish it were ever thus everywhere.

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