With Yellow Feathers in Her Hair

So today was my daughter’s big ballet recital.  I won’t post a whole lot of pictures here.  For obvious reasons, many of my shots have other dancers in them.  As always, they didn’t ask to be part of my blog.  OK, neither did that weird lady at the gate at DFW waiting for a flight and yapping away on her phone.  But she’s a grown up.  If you’re old enough to get trashed in a terminal and prattle on about setting fire to your ex’es clothes on the front lawn all in your outside voice, then you’re old enough to make it on these pages!  What I thought I’d do instead is to post a bunch of other pictures I’ve taken but haven’t yet found a way to work into other posts.  Yep, it’s hodgepodge time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One response to “With Yellow Feathers in Her Hair

  1. Good times, remembering the story about that crazy lady at the airport. 🙂

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