Dress Up!

This evening, my wife took out of a box that had come in the mail today. The package arrived from my sister in New Jersey and contained a few things that she had “thrown together”. Basically, it was a collection of things she and worked on with her sewing machine after finishing a whole host of projects she needed to do for her side business making costumes for the Irish Dance world. And so, in short, we spent a good while this evening playing dress up! This is one of Daddy’s favorite games, in fact, I was really born to be dressed up. Not only does it aid in me not walking around naked which would be completely immodest, but it serves to meet my desire to express my inner flair. Fortunately, my kittens have inherited this gene. Take a look!


No one will ever recognize us in these!


This is a pillow case dress and it is adorable!


OK, so the hat came from Granny Wilma courtesy of the Dollar Store; but Daddy says it suits him just fine.

Oh, and the contractors are getting their work done as well as you can see from the large space that used to be three separate rooms.


It’s starting to look like the drawings.


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