The End in Sight

Today started exams (at work, I’m a teacher).  Yes, I’ve already complained that this school year is longer than last.  It’s Texas.  We started the year in early August.  It should not still be going on in the first week of June.  But it is.  And so I ask you to say a prayer for me that I get through it, for my students and all those taking tests right now, and for all those kids I’ll have next year.

Meanwhile, at home, the contractors came this morning to begin the demo of our kitchen!!!  Again, the end (of the insanity of that old kitchen) is in sight.


3 responses to “The End in Sight

  1. Where did you (karla) get that table and chair set?!? I love it!!!

  2. I belonged to my great grandmother. Not sure what I am going to do with it, but for now, it sits in our future pantry;) Maybe we will use it for the “Help”

  3. I LOVE it!! And those chairs! So cute. very retro!! You have to keep it!

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