The Body of Christ

We took a break today from all the house flipping insanity to celebrate a great feast.  In our Catholic world, today is the Feast of Corpus Christi — a day to celebrate our worship of the sacred Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Typically, this has been celebrated with a Eucharistic procession.  Around here we opted to head to the nearby Cathedral of St. Patrick in Fort Worth because they did such a beautiful job with it last year.  Only thing is, we got there a little early.  So we took the kids to lunch.  Downtown Fort Worth is, well, there’s only one word for it…  Fun.  I like the place a lot.  Sundance Square has some wonderful places to eat.  Unfortunately, on a Sunday morning not many of them are open.  One place looked like an upscale Hooters.  We took a pass and headed to a burger joint a block away.  Unfortunately, they, too, were like an upscale Hooters.  It was interesting to see my five year-old son gaping at the waitresses as we walked in.  But lunch was good and then we headed back to the cathedral.  The procession was magnificent.  The choir sounded awesome.  It is on a day like this that I really love being Catholic and I wish more of the Catholic world would rediscover these traditions ever ancient, ever new, as St. Augustine quipped.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures.  We had a great day.


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