St. Anthony Helps the House Flippers

Last night I wrote about my experience calling upon the help of St. Anthony of Padua in finding a missing corkscrew.  Well, for several days I’ve been missing something else (and not just my mind).  Two of the feet to the bed for our guest bedroom went missing in the move.  I not only called upon the Wonderworker’s assistance; but I got on the phone to my sister Maureen and asked her to pray to.  OK, so we actually spoke on the phone about the joys of the medical profession and my twisted obsession with it; but at the end I mentioned the missing feet to her.  “I’ll pray to St. Anthony,” she said.

Don’t you know, this morning I went over to my mother-in-law’s house with the kids.  I don’t know what prompted me but I spoke up and said “I bet they’re in your car.”  “Well it’s open, hun, just go check,” she said.  “I’m fixin’ to speak Texan anyhow,” she continued.  Actually, what she said was “Are they metal and about a foot tall each and there’s two of them?”  “Yes,” I answered.  “They’re in the console.  Couldn’t figure out where they went,” she replied.  “Thank you, St. Anthony.”

Missing feet found!

Missing feet found!

Guest bedroom coming together!

Guest bedroom coming together!


One response to “St. Anthony Helps the House Flippers

  1. So my room is ready now. Couldn’t sleep on a slanted bed

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