The Big Move!

Today was the big day!!! The actual “move” was upon us! Thank God for my mother-in-law’s next door neighbor, Bubba (real name). He’s been a professional mover for 24 years and that experience paid off today for us. One of the expenses we were able to cut dramatically in this whole thing was our moving expense. Part of this was due to a cross-town move. Part of it was thanks to Bubba. He moved fast as lightning. It took him and his associate exactly two minutes to move our piano onto the truck. Last time it took twice as many men (collectively twice as large as Bubba) four times as long to move the same thing!

But the best part of the day came when Bubba uttered my new favorite catchphrase. He was moving a very large kitchen appliance that was presenting a problem due to the tight space and the large doors. Bubba turned to me after quickly claiming his victory and said: ” Ya see, you gotta be smarter than a refrigerator.”


Piano enhanced to show texture.


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