The First Year

A more somber note today, friends…

Today marks one year since my father-in-law died.  You know, for a time there I wondered what could possibly have been in God’s plan to bring our family here to Texas.  For a while I would say in prayer “My God, why have you lead us into this desert to die?” with just a hint of sarcasm.  But on that day, when my wife called me at work, I knew the reason.  It became apparent in an instant that we had been here for the final few months of her dad’s life.  For my wife to have had that time to be around her parents and siblings in a way they had not enjoyed for so many years; that was the reason.  I grew up always surrounded by my family.  But she left home in high school to attend a boarding school and never really returned.  So sometimes God reveals His will in a flash and almost after the fact.  Don’t forget that, kittens.  Whenever you find yourself unhappy or discontent and you don’t know why or how you’ll get to make things better; just hold on for a while and pray.  And enjoy the moment that God has given you.


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