Fleet Street and Other Oddities

Someone I know (not my wife) mentioned that s/he was having a minor surgical procedure in the morning.  This person then casually mentioned that, as part of his/her preparation, s/he was instructed to use a certain product designed to, politely, evacuate that person’s system.  The only problem is that this person was puzzled over the instructions on the packaging.  Being the helpful chap I am (and yes, I did just use the word chap) I took the box from his/her hands and stared at it.

Well it’s quite simple, you just have to get into this position here.

And cover your face in shame...

And cover your face in shame…

Beyond that, I’m not exactly sure how the product is designed to work or even how one could find any possible way to make the necessary connection between the product and the intended area of the body.

And that is as far as I will go with this one.  Helpfulness does have its limits.

That being said, I thought I’d post some more pics from our Cinco de Mayo dinner.  We went out for this one.  None of us knew quite what we were celebrating.  A good time was had by all — especially Aunt Lisa.  Ah yes, Aunt Lisa…  Remember her?  Let’s see, there was the Christmas light show incident, and the cancer-causing coffee extract diet.  A day ago, my wife mentioned to Lisa that, after we move, we were going to have an extra refrigerator.  Would Lisa like one of them?  “Well, I don’t know.  I’d have to go measure and see if it would fit.”  So sitting on the patio of the Mexican restaurant last night, the conversation was progressing nicely.  And then Lisa interjected.  “Oh, I measured my fridge.  It’s 80 inches across.”  This gem almost went completely unnoticed.  But eventually the words reached my brain and I spit out my margarita over the rail.  Apparently, Lisa was measuring in centimeters and did not realize that an 80 inch wide refrigerator would be almost seven feet across.


One response to “Fleet Street and Other Oddities

  1. Ben’s ‘stache is too cute.

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