Prom Night

I got roped into chaperoning the prom tonight.  I have managed to successfully avoid this evil almost every year I’ve been a teacher.  But the school where I teach makes it a popularity contest.  The senior class selects their favorite teachers and “invites” them to chaperone.  In fact, last year I got the same invitation (first year working at that school, too) and ignored it thinking it was a volunteer opportunity.  So I got myself all dolled up and drove downtown to a beautiful, new science museum.  I won’t tell you which one but it was named for it’s principle donor  who also happens to be a failed 1992 presidential candidate.  We were the first school to host a prom here.  And it was not only beautiful but a stroke of genius!  The kids spent the first two hours touring the museum — all four floors of it.  The sight of young men and women in tuxedos and ball gowns gazing at T-Rex skeletons and testing out earthquake simulators was something else! Because of the peculiarity of the whole affair, there was none of the customary bad behavior associated with proms.  In other words, they were too busy enjoying themselves in a decent manner to worry about grinding each other in front of their friends (and thereby, in front of me).  I especially enjoyed the number of students who came up to me to introduce their dates and ask for a picture with me.  I felt like a celebrity.  They really like me.  The feeling is mutual.  They are like my babies and I’m happy they had a great time.  I did too!  The evening was best summed up by a young lady I teach.  “This was different.  It felt like a classy cocktail party!”  I added: “Without the cocktails.”  We laughed.


2 responses to “Prom Night

  1. Was Mrs. Harvey too cool for prom??

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