App Review

This evening I had to participate in a BlackBoard Collaborate session for one of the online classes I’m taking toward my MS in Educational Administration.  The only problem was that we also had a party going on at home.  Not to worry, though, as the Collaborate app came in handy.  I simply launched the app on my iPhone, plugged in my headphones, and let life go on around my as normal.  I have to say that the app came in handy except for the usual hiccup which involved having to type out questions on the predictive text touchscreen keypad.  I say this was tough because I had to step outside a few times due to noise levels and it is unusually cold for North Texas in early May and my fingers were actually not responding to my brain very well.  All in all, though, the app worked just as I thought it would.  I was able to participate in the session without problems.  Well, I should say I had one small problem.  It was a misunderstanding that could have happened to anyone.  The professor did all the talking while all of us participants opted to respond via chat screens.  Something funky was going on and the audio portion was speeding up and slowing down randomly.  We were asked if everyone could hear OK.  I responded that I could hear but that the instructor sounded like a chipmunk on helium.  By the time my message posted the problem was corrected.  Despite my classmates’ vivid use of “LOL”, the professor, though she laughed herself, probably took my comment more personally than I had hoped.  “(Nervous laughter)…  I do have a high pitched voice, I suppose.  Let’s move on.”  Oh well, Not much I can do about that I suppose.


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