Present from Grandma

It is pretty cool...

It is pretty cool…

I walked in from work this afternoon to see my son sitting on the couch watching some TV.  “Daddy,” he said.  “Won’t you come over here and look on the floor in front of me?”  I obliged without thinking and looked down upon a big box with a huge Hot Wheels wall-mounting playlet.  “Ooh…  Where’d it come from, son?”  Without missing a beat he responded “Your mother, in New Jersey.”  I do love how he’s experimenting with different nomials.  “Did she send anything for me?!”  “No.  You see, two days ago it was my birthday.  That is why she sent this to me.  It’s my present.”  I think he then asked me to move out of his way or something like that.

Flash forward to about 9:30 this evening.  “Son, it’s time for bed.  You’ve been up a little too late tonight,” I said.  “But Daddy, you promised you’d put my Hot Wheels together!” said my boy.  “I said no such thing,” I replied.  He thought about this for a moment.  “Well…  could you?”  I wasn’t going to say no so, thirty minutes later, we had it up and running.


One response to “Present from Grandma

  1. I’ve never before seen a car track set that hangs on the wall – that is really neat! (In more ways than one!)

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