Party Time!

Hard as it is to believe, my son is turning 5… Since his birthday is tomorrow, a weekday, we’re celebrating with a party today. Actually, having learned from his old man how to ride the party train for all its worth, we started the festival on Friday evening and will continue them until midnight Tuesday.

Indulge me as I share my thoughts for a moment and then you can skip to the pictures. My son was born when I was 30 years old. I did not know when I was younger that God was ultimately calling me to be a husband and father so I can’t feel cheated that I didn’t get started sooner. Finding out barely six weeks into our marriage that we were expecting a baby was a wonderful continuation of the joy of getting married. It’s what we were hoping for and we couldn’t have been happier. The night he was born my sister said to me on the phone “Did you ever think you could love someone so much whom you just met?” No, no I didn’t. But she was right. And for five years now he (and his little sister who came along nineteen months later) have been filling my life with happiness and wonder.

I’d like to thank my wife for facilitating the whole process. In all seriousness, I can’t believe it’s been five years. They’re growing up too fast. I just pray that God will give me all the time in the world because there’s nothing I love more than being with my babies (now matter how big they get)!

PS: I asked my son at the end of the day if he had fun. He replied that this was his best birthday ever and that he even liked it better than last year. I asked him why so? “Because this year I didn’t throw up.” That kid has an amazing memory.

Oh, and our theme this year was Dinosaurs! Roar!


2 responses to “Party Time!

  1. Happy Birthday, Ben!

  2. Looks like Ben had a great day! Glad to hear he didn’t lose his lunch this year 🙂

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