The four ends of prayer, as I explained to my students today, are:

  • Adoration
  • Contrition
  • Supplication
  • Thanksgiving

I think we all manage well on the supplication part.

How are we doing with the others?  Have any good news to share?  Want us to give thanks for something?  Have we stopped simply to worship, express love for, and yes, adore God?  We know we’re not perfect.  When was the last time we said “sorry” to God for failing to love Him as we should?  I’m going to focus on one thing at a time and right now that thing is giving thanks.

Today, my niece Bridget arrived for a five day visit.  I am thankful!

I’m also thankful that my son really enjoys his karate class and has learned an important lesson.  If the kid next to you is “better” than you are with his grunting and gesticulating; just channel your inner-dad, use your God-given height and shocking blonde hair, and stare the little bastard down.

I win!

I win!



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