So Proud!

Sitting here right now at my son’s karate class. He’ll be five years-old next week. He’s been doing this karate thing for about three months now. Twice a week, every week. When he first started he told me that it was “kind of tricky”. Translation: he didn’t think he could keep up with the other kids. Well, he was new to it and that’s only normal to be a little nervous. It’s really normal if you’re my kid. When I was his age (heck, until I reached my mid-20’s) I was scared to death of things I didn’t think I’d be good at, scared of playing the piano in front of people I didn’t know for fear I wouldn’t be good enough, scared of any kind of game or sport I wasn’t also convinced I was a master at. Hence, I’d take you on in Trivial Pursuit but you couldn’t get me on the tennis court for love nor money. But my son persevered. He dutifully and obediently listened to my plea. “Son, just stick within for the month and if you still don’t like it we can stop.” He soon got past his jitters and has been having fun for some time now.

That's my boy!

That’s my boy!

Tonight, as I sit here watching him, the instructor just asked my son out of the whole class of twenty kids if he would demonstrate a high block maneuver. I looked up from my iPad in time to catch the exchange. My son quietly bowed and said yes. Then he did the most perfect high block I’ve ever seen. It was so good that the teacher approached him and asked him to show it to the class again, pointing out the perfection in his moves as an example for the others. Here’s the amazing thing…

I actually stood up, pumped my fist in the air as though the New Jersey Devils had just scored the Stanley Cup winning goal, channeled my inner beast, and shouted “Yeah!” As I was bending my legs slowly to return to my seat I looked around at the other parents (and my little girl) and whispered “That’s my boy!”

Did I mention that most of the other parents are Indian and already think I’m strange? “The yellow-haired giant is speaking again. Disregard him, Vishnaya.”  Oh well, I’m still one helluva proud daddy.  Good job, Son.


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  1. Yellow-haired giant…lol

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