I Can’t Compete

A few years ago I blogged about my frustration with not being able to compete with breaking news that was streaming through liveblogs of the day’s top news story.  In that case, it was the Japanese earthquake and ensuing tsunami.  Tonight, with prayers being poured out (and rightly so) for the good people of Boston), I again remark…

I can’t compete with that!

Perhaps he is taking his understanding of the Crucifixion a bit too seriously...

Perhaps he is taking his understanding of the Crucifixion a bit too seriously…

So I won’t even try.  No, instead I will tell you about my prayerful evening.  Having no energy to put the kids to bed (read: I knew I’d fall asleep if I got anywhere near their bed to read them a story) I decided to take them out for a little drive.  They’d fall asleep as I prayed the rosary and I knew I would not fall asleep.  I had work to do when I got back home.  As we headed out I asked my kids what their prayer intentions were.  I explained to them that we would first be praying for the people of Boston.  “Why?” asked my son.  I explained that some bad men had done some very bad things and a lot of people got hurt.  “OK.”  I also explained that we would be praying for a friend of mine from work.  “Why?” asked my daughter.  I explained that my friend’s husband is a police officer and he had been hurt at his job today.  In actuality he had been shot at but, thanks be to God, his vest caught the impact.  “OK.”  Then I asked them what they wanted to pray for.  They both responded that they wanted a new baby in the family.  “Well, kids, so do Mommy and Daddy.  We will pray for this.” Then my son blurted out something that lead me to believe that perhaps he’s learning the lessons of his faith a little too well.  Also, I believe he is conflating doctrinal points.  Finally, I think he was just being a smartass because he knew it would get a laugh.  He started very innocently.  “I want to pray for Pa.”  That’s their grandfather who died last year.  Very pious children.  He continued: “to rise from the dead…”  Again, I was just about to wonder whether all the Easter movies he’s watched had been too much for his brain to absorb.  Clearly he knows that Jesus rose from the dead and that we believe He will raise us to new life at the judgment.  And then the cackling and guffawing kicked in.  He and his sister both started laughing and almost couldn’t stop.  If their boosters had been just a hair closer I swear I would have heard their hands slapping in a celebratory high-five as if to say “Good one!”

God help me!


2 responses to “I Can’t Compete

  1. Well, Pa may just be able to talk God into sending you all a new baby…
    Prayers for Boston, and may God have mercy on us.

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