Catching Up

Continuing from my last post…  If you are one of our friends who live in the North Texas area and were shocked by the last line of that post, don’t worry.  It’s a local move.  Just a different house.  Other than that, I woke up very early this morning to drive Maureen to the airport.  Then we spent the day getting ready for our landlord to come by for a walk-through.  In the evening we went to mass and then had dinner and went home.  Here are a few pictures from the past few days that didn’t make it into earlier posts.  They’re from a cupcake and confection shop in Oklahoma City called Pinkitzel which is a combination of the color pink with the Yiddish word kitzel meaning “to tickle”.  Tickled pink.  Get it?  Awesome shop and I sure hope this post and these pictures get them any additional business.

As always, thanks for reading and please continue to share these posts with your friends!


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