Keeping Watch with the Vigil that Wasn’t

Ever since I can remember, I have celebrated the joy of Easter in my Catholic tradition by participating in the Easter Vigil.  Tonight was one of the rare exceptions where that did not happen.  Let me explain in bullet points.

  • My wife and I planned to take our kids to the Vigil.
  • The Vigil is usually upwards of 2 hours and does not begin until after 8PM.
  • My wife came down with a sinus infection and was unable to go.
  • I decided to go since she insisted she was fine.
  • I made that decision literally at the last possible moment.
  • I arrived at the church at precisely 8:30 (start time).
  • I could not find parking.
  • I attempted to park on the “grass” where I saw everyone else parking.
  • I immediately realized that the grass was actually mud.
  • I (and four other cars) spent the next ten minutes spinning our wheels.
  • I miraculously got “un-stuck” and took off.
  • I found a space two blocks away and walked over to the church to discover that it was a Spanish Vigil.
  • I know very little Spanish.
  • I headed home.

Christ is risen!  Alleluia!


One response to “Keeping Watch with the Vigil that Wasn’t

  1. I read that Pope Francis’ Vigil was just under 2.5 hours this year. In my diocese? 3.5 hours. Yeah we didn’t attend. I did the parishioners, my children, and us a favor. No need to sin *at* the Vigil.

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