It Is Consummated

Today is Good Friday, I spent a good deal of time today reflecting. I thought about how blessed I am. I have the most perfect wife and such beautiful children. We have a home, nice things, food. My sister and her daughter are visiting. But my reflection was really about something, Someone else. Today we commemorate the death of Our Blessed Lord on the cross. And His final words kept coming back to me.

It is consummated.

Some translations have it as “It is finished” or “It is accomplished”. I like consummated better. Consummation is a word with so many deep connotations. Here it refers to the work of or salvation being perfected, completed in the singular saving action of one man. Anyway, I will continue to watch and pray. We know the rest of the story, how He rose again on the third day. May God bless all of you during these holiest of days.

The empty tabernacle symbolizes the death of The Lord.


2 responses to “It Is Consummated

  1. Happy Easter to you and all your family!

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