They’re Finally Here!

Over six weeks ago two important things happened.  The first was the start of the season of Lent.  With the observance of Ash Wednesday, the Christian world found itself again renewing the call for increased fasting, prayer, and charity in an effort to draw closer to the suffering and death of Our Blessed Lord.  I remember clearly that Friday after Ash Wednesday as I was coming out of a 6PM mass.  I had the kittens with me and they had not been on their best behavior.  My wife was busy working a consignment sale so that she could qualify for the really deep discounts and early shopping the next morning.  Nonetheless, I was trying my best to do the most important job ever given to me — to raise up my children in their Catholic faith.  Son practically went nuts climbing all over the pew and baby girl was so close to the verge of falling asleep that she really could have gone any which way.  As we left the church I saw a text on my phone.  This brings us to the second thing that happened.  My dear sister, Maureen, had written that she and her teenage daughter, Campbell, had booked their flight and were heading to Dallas for Easter!  I don’t get a whole lot in the line of visits from my side of the family.  I know we’re the one’s who moved away from the rest of the pack.  In fact, though I try not to let it bother me too much, the fact that I only see my parents or siblings or nieces, nephews, and great-nephews when I make the expensive trip to New Jersey, I’m always left feeling a little sad that none of them are able to make it here.  That’s not to say that absolutely none of them have traveled to the Lone Star State.  My mom was here early last summer.  Another sister came for a long weekend right after we moved in.  And my niece, Bridget, has been here twice (the second visit was a seven-week extended stay!).  But considering how vast my family is in size, and knowing that we might be living here indefinitely (thus extending the situation) leaves me with a bad feeling.  I pray about this every day.

So when I saw that M & C were coming I literally jumped for joy.  I turned to my son.  “Buddy, Aunt Maureen and Campbell are coming for Easter!  Isn’t that exciting?” I asked, my eyes wide with excitement.  “Aunt Maureen, Aunt Maureen, Aunt Maureen!” screamed my boy as though he was channeling Michael Keaton in Beatlejuice.  I took that as a “yes”.  “Sweetheart,” I said to my daughter who was by now in my arms, so tired was she, “Aunt Maureen’s coming for Easter!  Aren’t you excited?!”  She looked down at the ground and angrily shook her head “no”.  You win some, you lose some.  I didn’t take it personally as she was out cold within three minutes.

So all through Lent we’ve been attending daily mass, praying our rosary for the intentions of every person we know, skipping out on desserts and trips to Chick-fil-a.  And all through Lent we’ve been planning for the arrival of our most honored guests.  A few nights ago, Maureen, mindful of how the kids greeted her at DFW the last time she flew in (they were dressed in official Texas gear and holding signs), declared that she would like to see them dressed as mariachi players this time.  My angel had ballet at the same time the flight was landing so she missed out (guess that’s her reward for her snippy response six weeks ago).  But, dear sister, you had to have known that we would see your request as a challenge…


One response to “They’re Finally Here!

  1. Actually, I said I wanted to be greeted by a mariachi band! I WILL TREASURE THAT MOMENT FOREVER!!! Especially the look on his little mustached face 🙂

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