Hunting for Houses

Having decided to stick around the North Texas area for just a wee bit longer, my wife and I spent last evening looking at houses.  I won’t bore you with details except to point out what our realtor, Tina Dale Earnhardt, told us.  By the way, I added the “Earnhardt” due to the woman’s propensity to zip down the road at breakneck speeds, leaving us, her clients, in the dust.  We learned this two years ago when she showed us around Dallas the first time.  Other than that, she’s a fine realtor.  What she said was that the inventory is extremely low right now.  This is because of interest rates being very low and the economy still sucking and the real estate market bottoming out in general.  In other words, people are putting their homes on the market and selling them within a day.  As Tina remarked to us when my wife asked how long a particular house had been listed: “Let me see…  Oh, 12 days!  They better lower their asking price!”

Both of the houses pictured here sold before we even had time to think them over on our drive home.  They seem decent enough but look at some of the slight oddities I discovered…


3 responses to “Hunting for Houses

  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  2. We still plan to visit when Nacho goes to Dallas in the fall. Hopefully it all works out and the flights are cheap. Got a good laugh about your agents driving.

  3. I send the “nooooooooooo”! Ever try to buy 6 airline tickets!

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