Remember When?

I would like humbly to submit my request for your suggestions.

Remember these guys?  I had so much fun back then.

Remember these guys? I had so much fun back then.

I remember when I used to post fun stuff, themed stuff, even wacky stuff.  Can we say Weebles, anyone?  But alas, my wife threw out most of the Weebles because they were just, in her words, “lying around the house”.  Ironically, Weebles are incapable of lying anywhere.  My point is that I want you, my wonderful readers, to suggest to me topics, titles, themes, and pure wackiness that you would like to read about here on this blog.  I’m desperate for a bit of a change so it probably won’t just be a “winner takes all” format.  In other words, I’ll probably go with every last suggestion thrown my way.

Here’s the deal.  If you stopped by to read this post, just click on “reply” and tell me what you’d like to see.  Look, Holy Week is coming up and I’ll be busy so if I can bang out any of your topics over the weekend and pre-date them for publication during the week, I’d love to do just that.  It doesn’t mean I won’t also post daily updates of the goings-on of my kids.  I might just post twice a day.  We shall see.


5 responses to “Remember When?

  1. Ahhh Weeble Debbi! She survived the great throwout of 2012???? Yes, bring the weebles back! As we know, they wobble, but don’t fall down!

  2. Did you already tell the story of Tyrone the cat and how the neighbors stole him? Is there anything remotely close to a diner in Texas? How about that time you picked us up from a Hanson concert but drove away before Danielle got in the car?

  3. Any stories w/ Wilma, aunt Kwis and Fam so funny, and your family stories growing up so funny and amazing and inspirational

  4. You should write about the *stuff you are being taught in your Education classes and the sorry state of education in general in this country. That should keep you busy!

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