“Non habemus papam!”

OK, so there is no standard announcement made when a conclave vote concludes without a winner.  If there was, however, it would probably take the form above — Latin for “We do NOT have a pope.”

However, my darling kids are quite astute.  They watched with great interest with me.  It was great fun!  First, taking advantage of my spring break, I dropped them at school and then I headed to my mother-in-law’s house where she, my wife’s nephew, and I spent the morning watching the pomp and ceremony of the college of cardinals processing into the Sistine Chapel accompanied by the Litany of the Saints.  After Wilma picked up the kids (so I could continue to watch the Sistine chimney on the screen) we continued to watch and wait for smoke (black or white) to pour forth from the stovepipe.  Both my son and my daughter are keenly aware of the significance.

Well, Daddy, black smoke means ‘not yet’…

That was my son’s reaction to the question of what the different colors meant.

After giving up because we wanted to head to the playground, we continued to listen on the radio.  And then came the voice of the radio announcer: “Black smoke!”  I pulled over and opened the Pope App on my iPhone and the small group of us watched the thick black smoke wafting up and then sinking down heavy into the Roman night sky.

We continue to wait and pray.


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