Games People Play

Tonight we had another one of our oh-so-fun game nights.  These events, for us, are really excuses to throw an elegant party-type gathering for a small group of our family and friends and then laugh at our own insanity for several hours.  Case in point, look through the following pictures…

Best moment of the night came as we were playing a hybrid of Pictionary and Win, Lose, or Draw…  My mother-in-law, Wilma, pulls a card that says “stick figure” on it.  Yes, she was required, through her drawing, to get us to say “stick figure”.  By the time her timer had run out, I swear she was drawing “scoliosis”.  We on her team shouted out “What was it?!”  She told us and then said “Well YOU tell me how to get someone to say stick figure!!!”  To which we all shouted back “You draw a STICK FIGURE!”  Fortunately, we all had a good laugh about it.

PS: This is my 999th post!!!  What will the 1000th bring?


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