Harvey for Pope!

Coat of arms of Cardinal Harvey

Coat of arms of Cardinal Harvey

No.  Not this Harvey.  Although your humble blogger does, indeed, meet the technical requirements for the office of Bishop of Rome (Catholic and male); it is highly improbable that I will be chosen by the good cardinals and the Holy Spirit.  For starters there’s the whole “married with kids” thing.  There’s also the fact that none of them have ever heard of me!  Also, I would make a lousy pope.  It would be truly hard to govern the Church from Texas and I have no plans to move to the Vatican.

His Eminence, Cardinal Harvey

His Eminence, Cardinal Harvey

But I did think this cat would make an interesting choice.  James Michael Cardinal Harvey, a native of Milwaukee, and currently the most “junior” member of the college of cardinals (it’s complicated, but he’s the most recently-named cardinal of the lowest tier of cardinals).  It probably won’t happen but could you imagine my stats going through the roof if was elected?  Me too!


One response to “Harvey for Pope!

  1. I would *love* to move to the Vatican, with my family of course.

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