About a week ago, the right rear turn signal bulb went out in the rockin’ Town and Country.  The high-paced clicking that would invariably accompany the habitual switch of that blinker every time I’d make a right-hand turn finally got to me tonight.  I decided to change the bulb.  It was the clicking and the fact that Mrs. Harvey, upon opening the glove compartment to look for a napkin after our daughter spilled something in the back, discovered a fresh bulb.  They come in packs of two and I must have changed one at some point in the past year.  This meant I did NOT have to make a trip to the auto parts store.  Score one for me!

So I got out the manual, figured out how to disconnect the housing and realized I needed a screwdriver.  Don’t worry.  Harvey’s the man. I’ve got the tools (in my tool box).  But Harvey’s the kind of guy who likes to know what things are actually called so I can reference them properly.  I’m not the handiest of handy men but I do know some basics.  I can identify channel locks with the best of them.  OK, so everyone knows the two biggies — the phillips and flathead screwdrivers.  Here’s my question.  Can anyone PLEASE tell me what in the world this bizarre star-shaped screwdriver head is called?


5 responses to “Screwed

  1. Those are starhead drivers. They are for screws in cars mostly as they can be tightened really really tight.

  2. I’ve never heard it called a starhead (that makes sense though), I beloved the official name is torx.

  3. Both are correct

    I learned something new! Cool!

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