Where’d You All Go?

The “stat wars” continue as I struggle to gain back numbers of readers to this blog.  As I’ve repeatedly said, there are two people for whom I write, my kids.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like others to read as well.  It’s kind of odd I’ve been getting more and more “likes” and “follows” and yet my stat count is about half of what it used to be.  If you can figure it out let me know.  If you can recommend a friend follow me, do it!  In the meantime, I’m off to bed.  I’ve got a busy weekend of doing nothing ahead of me and I want to be well rested!


2 responses to “Where’d You All Go?

  1. Well, I don’t like your blog posts (winkwink) but I do read and comment on them.

    And I have mentioned you several times in mine, so I feel I have done my part (and will continue to do so, of course …).

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