How I learned to love PVC

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

And so I think I’ll skip a prompt…

Didn’t I kind of already write about last weekend… last weekend?

Silly daily prompt.

How ’bout I tell you what I did today?

So my wife and her sister are big fans of Pinterest.  This means that I get the joy of carrying out some of the projects they find.  Today’s project is the set-up for our big Oscars party tomorrow evening.  What you see in the pictures above came about as a result of another project.  The initial job called for me to head to Loew’s, pick up four 10′ sections of 1″ PVC pipe and a bunch of connectors, find out the Loew’s doesn’t really cut the pipe for you, attempt to fit four 10′ sections of PVC pipe into my Honda Accord, and then head home on a busy and bump road.  Once home, I cut the pipe into about 20 different pieces of varying length and assembled them to form a 6′ square frame around our TV from which hangs a red curtain.  Now our living room looks like the Kodak Theater!  The second project involved taking a few more sections of pipe (after a secondary trip to the Home Depot), cutting it into sections of various length, and spraypainting it metallic gold.  The finished product is a collection of stanchions from which hang our velvet rope along the red carpet leading to the front door.

Hopefully, everything will turn out well and our guests will enjoy themselves.  I know I had fun working with my saw today.  I got to feel all manly and stuff.  But I felt even more so when it was all over and done with and my daughter, convincing my to put her to bed by lying down with her, turned to me and said “You’re the best daddy in the world” before drifting off to sleep.  I love my life.


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