A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Well I suppose the first question to ask is “how big is this plot of land?”  By the way, my apologies for opening with the prompt.  It’s been a long day.  My two biggest (and potentially only) fans, my kids, were perfect angels today.  You know that’s parent-talk for I love them too much to get into it, “it” being just about anything.  Let’s see…  This evening, they were actually pretty decent at mass.  I think our plan of taking them every day has started to pay off.  When we came home, their mommy had prepared a beautiful dinner for us.  It’s kind of strange, we all seem to eat different things.  I am a very picky eater.  I’m actually not that picky I just really don’t like vegetables or shrimp.  But we’re still on our “Lenten soup for dinner” routine.  Tonight my wife and I enjoyed a delicious sweet potato soup.  Our daughter had an interesting mix of blueberries, carrots, and tortilla chips.  Our son had a frozen pizza.  Then we got ready for bed, watched a TV show, and I put them off to bed.  Really, no fights, no altercations, no “Daddy, he took my toy!!!”  None of that.  Exactly.

My kind of scene (without all the VD and Bianca Jagger)Coutesy: Wikimedia

My kind of scene (without all the VD and Bianca Jagger)
Coutesy: Wikimedia

Let’s get back to that plot of earth.  Who do I look like?  Pearl Buck?  Do I get points for trying to work in a reference to the author of a book called The Good Earth (a book, by the way, I’ve never read)?  I’m so fried right now I could have just written Pearl Bailey and I wouldn’t have known the difference.  Again, I ask how big this plot of land is supposed to be.  If it’s a decent size, I suppose I would build a disco.  Yes, it would be like Studio 54 but without the cocaine and Liza Minelli.  OK, I could use a laugh.  Liza can be there; but only if she brings that dude she married a few years ago who says she abused him.  It’s gotta’ be a twofer.  No then, if it was a simple and small plot, I think I would like to plant a garden to feed the children of the world.  I swear I’ve only had one glass of wine tonight.  Did I mention that it’s been a long day…  Maybe it’s time for another glass.  This prompt is bizarre.  OK, hopefully the February slump in stats will start to vanish and the prompts will begin to inspire me in new ways.  In the meantime, my kids keep getting bigger (and better at mass) and we trudge on through our holy Lent.


4 responses to “A Plot of Earth

  1. HOw about a Studio 54 with a chickfila and a dunkin donuts in it?I mean peoples gotta eat, ya know.

  2. Any plot of land with a Dunkin’ works for me.

  3. Yeah, you have to know how much land this is. Discos and gardens both sound fun. Maybe a disco that serves food from the garden?

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