Crystal’s Closing and the Car Door Slammed

Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.”

What an unusual prompt…  OK, we’ll give it a shot.

Today, after Saturday morning mass at the Priory (the kids were very good, thank you), we decided to swing by a pizza/entertainment joint my wife used to frequent as a kid.  She had heard they were getting ready to close.  We drove across town, mindful of the time.  My wife needed to be at a consignment sale later in the day.  Arriving at “Crystal’s” I felt a need to look at the clock.  That’s because it looked like time had forgotten this place.  I stepped out of the car, looked across the lot, and caught sight of my sister-in-law who was joining us.  I heard the car door slam and immediately looked at the clock.  We would have plenty of time to enjoy what was left to enjoy of this dinosaur.

We finished up at the Land Before Time and headed over to my mother-in-law’s house.  She’s been having a problem with her washer.  Again, my wife reminded me that we needed to be quick just as we were getting out of the car.  I went in to take a look at the old Maytag.  My wife headed back to the car for a bag she had forgotten.  I heard the car door slam and immediately looked at the clock.  Oh boy, we needed to book out of this place.  Sorry, Wilma, the washer will have to wait.  We got home just in time for my wife to make her sale.

A Light Bright!

A Light Bright!

And that, of course, means that Daddy got to spend several hours with his kittens!  After listening to music, playing games, and running around the house like madmen I was beginning to wonder if Mommy would ever come back.  What time was it, anyway?…  Just then, I heard the car door slam and looked up at the clock (that’s three mentions, if you weren’t counting).  It didn’t matter what the clock said because our family was whole again.  And talk about great finds, Mommy brought back some interesting things for the kids.


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