An Ode to the One(s) I Love

Our daily prompt today is a good one…

It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!

The one I love

The one I love

First of all, let’s get this one off the table right away. I am not a poet so I won’t be scoring any bonus points. Now then, my wife can attest that I am known (at least to her) for the many, many letters, emails, texts, etc. that I have written her over the years we’ve known each other. I dare not publish any of them here because they are personal notes of affection between a husband and his wife. The funny thing is that most of the time the only reply I get is “Love U too”. I have come to wonder if she’s just grown tired of my notes. Then I remind myself that she is not me and does not express herself the same way as I do. But I will try my best to express for all of you here and now an ode on my love for her.

In spite of my many flaws, my imperfections, my loving wife still puts up with me. She cheers me up when I am low and brings me a measure of sanity when my life is insane. She is always thoughtful of me even when I am preoccupied. She is all that you’d expect her to be and more than I ever hoped for. And yet, she is so much more than that. She is the mother of the other two “ones I love”. You see, she’s very clever. She’s made it impossible for me ever to hate her. If I ever get my head screwed on wrong and forget the numerous wonderful things she is to me I have two beautiful little souls who climb on my lap and stare into my eyes, taking my face in their hands. When they call “Daddy!” I know there’s only one reason my heart melts. These beautiful babies… They are pieces of me and her bound up together. There are few things in life I love more than hearing my kids call me by that name. And that’s only possible because she made me a father.

And so, to the three people I love so much, Happy St. Valentine’s Day! I love you forever!


2 responses to “An Ode to the One(s) I Love

  1. But I am not as eloquent a writer as you, so I figure the words “I love you too” go alot further than anything else I could write

  2. That is an awesome photo of you two! Karla looks like her gorgeous self, and dapper.

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