I’m debating in my mind whether to keep this simple or go elaborate; whether to keep it real (really real) or inject a little of the “dramatization of factual events” for which I am known.  Here’s the prompt.

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

I’m still not sure how I’m taking this so buckle up and let’s see.

First, there were those two moments in my life when I first beheld my beautiful babies.  For that matter there was the instant I first beheld my beautiful wife.  These were truly surreal.  In many ways I felt as though I was observing my own life out of time.

The large stuffed dog doubled as her popemobile.

The large stuffed dog doubled as her popemobile.

There have been several deaths in my family where I experienced the same sense of “other-worldliness”.  The deceased were people who were far from the finish line of natural time on this earth.  In each case I remember asking myself if this was really happening.

There was this morning where I woke up to discover that the pope had renounced his office.  In this case it wasn’t just “is this happening?” but “what in the hell is going on here?!”

But the most surreal experience I’ve ever had was when my daughter came skipping into the living room dressed like Pope Celestine V as my son read from the papal bull allowing himself the right of resignation.  The two of them then proceeded to set up an easel as they slipped into berets and smocks.  Then they painted a beautiful oil portrait of their late cousin whom they never met while conversing in Latin about the state of affairs in the Vatican.  At that very moment my wife descended from a cloud of light to announce that my dinner was ready.  She then reminded me that she might have accidentally mixed up my vitamins with my vicodin.


2 responses to “Whoa!

  1. Love that the doggie gets so much milage. I still remeber the moment I purchased it for “Eggs” at Valley hospital Gift Shop. That was pretty surreal, come to think of it. The staff folllowed me out into the hall and waved good-bye to the massive labrador while I boarded a tram (no kidding!) that would transport me to the maternity wing. All the while, a strolling violinist stood closely by serenading me with the theme from “The Godfather”

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