Throwing Things to See What Sticks

Let's hope this works...Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Let’s hope this works…
Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Well I’ve about reached the end of my rope.  Can anyone explain why my blog stats have dropped so low?  And don’t say it’s because my writing stinks.  I mean, that may be true but you don’t have to say that hurtful stuff.

Well, I’m prepared to do anything to bring my numbers back up.

Just as a flat tire needs a constant stream of air pumped in; so too will I keep posting — even if only in short bursts — to see if we can’t prime this pump.


4 responses to “Throwing Things to See What Sticks

  1. Stick with it! I feel a post January surge on its way!


    Rules 1-4 might help. Don’t think the family would be too keen on Rule 5.

  3. Mine, too. You are not alone.

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