The PostAnHour Challenge

I'll get to that bullseye.Photo: Wikimedia Commons

I’ll get to that bullseye.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

No, it’s not officially sponsored by WordPress and, guess what, I’m most likely not going to post every hour (although I might, in which case you best be reading).  I’m just trying to get my numbers back up to something more like what I’m used to seeing.  This early February slump is not fun to watch.

My little micro-burst of information this hour is that I got a few likes on the last post.  That’s not usually news in itself; but some of the likes came from people who had not previously liked anything — as far as I know.  Then again, maybe they’re been liking stuff all along and my lack of sensitivity to my readers is contributing to my drop.  Whatever the reason, I do not care.  One of the “likers” appears to be from England.  She certainly seems to be writing from London although that could be Ontario.  Either way, she writes a blog dealing with fashion issues.  I have decided to like one of her posts and to follow.  This is not because I love fashion but because I am a not-so-secret Anglophile.

More to come in 60 minutes…


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