Ring Ring

A few days ago I posted “She’s Back!” in reference to my lovely wife returning home from a few days away.  Well, tonight I’m back after a few days away from blogging (not that you’d know it given my hastily post-dated posts).  And tonight we have another return to the daily prompt.

Before I go any further, if anyone reading this is associated with WordPress in general or the Daily Post in particular, please drop me a comment and let me know what the deal is.  Since I first started tagging things with “daily post” and a host of other tags I assumed were part of the deal my stats dropped like a mafia informant wearing cement Nikes into the Hudson at high tide.  Am I tagging this thing wrong or something?  Hope to find out soon.

So tonight’s prompt is this:

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

My relationship with my phone?  Really?  I have a relationship with God and one with my wife.  Both of these are by the good grace of the other partner.  My phone?  she’s just, I mean it’s just a device, a tool for communicating.

I almost couldn’t get through that without a laugh.  The truth is that sometimes my phone is any one of those things, all of them, and none of them.  Explanation?  How ’bout I take you through a typical day in the partnership that is my phone and me?

Plus it helps me find my way around Texas!

Plus it helps me find my way around Texas!

First thing in the morning, I am awoken by my alarm clock… on my phone.  In writing that sentence I just realized that I haven’t owned an alarm clock in several years.  Strange.  Most mornings the first thing I do is turn off the alarm and then I immediately check my emails hoping beyond hope that I’ve received an overnight missive proclaiming that the good folks at WordPress like me so much that they Freshly Pressed me.  That’s never happened, though, but I do always see a bunch of posts from bloggers to whom I subscribe.  However, lately I’ve been trying to take the time to put the phone down, say a prayer of morning offering first, and then look through my overnight emails.

I turn the phone off during morning mass.  Actually I just silence it.  They make it really hard to actually turn it off.  You have to wait a whole five seconds for the little apple to disappear…

I arrive at work and text my wife to tell her I love her.

At work, it’s out on my podium where I am kept updated on the latest news from the Twitterverse that is my classroom.  I teach and I am a heavy integrator of technology as a learning tool.  Again, laughter having subsided, I’ve got TMZ open while my students are reading Chaucer.

I text my wife before departing work for home to tell her I love her.

Before backing out of my space I receive a text that says “Yeah, whatevs…  Stop bugging me.”

When I get home I use it to check grades for the classes I’m taking.  I use it to check Facebook and Twitter when I’m took lazy to walk five feet to the laptop on the desk.

But the thing that makes it a lifeline for me is that I use it to snap pictures of my kids in every imaginable moment of their lives.  So, despite the nuisance it can be sometimes (constant notifications you can’t turn off anyone?) it does come in handy and I can’t ever imagine going back to not having a camera on me at all times.

My kids, once they’re old enough to look back on these pages and see the darling pictures of them that I took, might disagree.


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