What Did I Just Do?!

Tonight I had a heckuva time with a learning tool called Blackboard Collaborate.  Can we just say that in the course of trying to record a software demonstration I almost found a cat for the purpose of kicking it?…

So it turns out that, of the eight students registered to this course, not a single one of us could figure out the software.  I emailed the professor, said my prayers, then tried my best to record my presentation.  Long story short: I recorded all right.  I recorded twenty-six minutes of myself playing around with the software.  It was about an hour later that I realized my mistake that I hadn’t cut the recording.  In fairness, I’m the only one who made the deadline.  However, I had to sit at my kitchen table and painfully listen through twenty-six minutes of this thing to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently said anything untoward.  For instance the following conversation had actually taken place at one point in the evening.  I just couldn’t be sure it didn’t happen out of range of the laptop and its sinister hot mic.

One of my sisters called me.  I needed a break from this nonsense so I happily took the call.  I went on about my woes with BB.  She then proceeded to tell me about a trip she’s booking to Vegas.  Her words (loud enough to be picked up by any microphone):

…So apparently I can’t find a smoking hotel room in this whole *#$&ing city!  I mean really.  Let me tell you, this one place looked awesome.  It was chic.  It was beautiful.  The pool looked great.  The ad on their website has some weird-ass video of a woman who comes out of the lobby holding a white rabbit.  She sets the rabbit on the ground and looks at it like a freak.  Then they say ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’  That’s great.  So you can &$@* an @&*#ing rabbit but you can’t smoke a cigarette.  Guess they don’t want any sinners in Sin City?

She has a point and a certain sense of logic about this whole thing.  That being said, again, it took me twenty-six minutes to determine that this conversation (nor any other) landed on my recording.

Oy, say a prayer I make it through this course alive and sane.

On a positive note, my son went back to karate tonight after having been sick.  He’s really getting the hang of this.

There's my happy warrior!

There’s my happy warrior!


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