Death, Mass, and Friends

Last night we went to dinner to celebrate the feast of St. Timothy!  He’s my patron saint.  While there, my children and wife, still sick with the wretched norovirus (a six day stomach flu) spent a good time being sick while I enjoyed my Applebee’s Trio.  Yep, I’m a dad.  Spending half my meal in the bathroom with a four year-old who cannot control the output of his intestines does not prevent me from finishing my quesadilla tower.

This morning I found out that my brother-in-law’s father passed away.  I have some really good stories I could share about the man.  Please keep him in your prayers.  The greatest thing he ever did was to bring forth his son who has been not only a friend but a brother to me and a damn good husband and father in his own right.

We ended the day in a very unusual manner.  My dear friend from my time in the seminary came through on his way to Austin.  He is a Catholic priest.  He officiated at our wedding and baptized both of our kids and we are always honored to welcome him into our home.  Since he had not yet celebrated mass and it is a Sunday he did what you’d expect him to do.  Tonight, at a few minutes past 7PM, our friend celebrated mass at our dining room table.  The congregants were my wife and me.  How very Early Christian of us!  The intention was for the man who died this morning.  The advantages of having a priest-friend are many.


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