Oh What a Night

Last night we celebrated Wilma’s birthday with a trip to Winstar.

As my last post alluded, we “decorated” the rockin’ Town and Country for the occasion.  Well, writing all sorts of crazy things on the windows of a minivan in white shoe polish is all well and good when that minivan is headed north to the wilds of Oklahoma on a Friday night.  I mean, clearly, we were headed to a casino.  So what if the back windshield exhorted passing motorists to “honk if you love bingo”?  By the time we arrived I would find a drink at the bar and wouldn’t care.  By the time we headed home there would be no one on the road with us.

And yet, there’s quite another thing to be said of driving that same minivan the next day.  Without having washed the shoe polish off.

“Just take the car for an oil change before taking the kids to that birthday party,” said my wife.  I was halfway down the four mile stretch of main street before it dawned on me that I was tooling around town with the words “Granny needs a new pair of shoes” plastered next to my face.  At a red light I looked over to notice an F-150 full of, I don’t normally use this term but there’s no nicer way, rednecks pointing and laughing.

Oh well, kittens, best just to make the most of it.


2 responses to “Oh What a Night

  1. Oh c’mon, it’s Wilma! If you cannot for her drive a minivan all over Dallas with all that plastered on it, for whom the hell CAN you drive it?

  2. Happy Birthday, Wilma!

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