What Foursquare Says About Me

First up: today’s new knot.

It’s called the Cape Knot because it looks like the tie is wearing a little cape! The students loved it. One of them thought I had on two ties!

Second: my wife is now sick. I am now sad to be the last one standing.

Finally, here’s what Foursquare, the location based check-in app reveals about yours truly.

Apparently I’m a spiritual man, a teacher, and a dad. Oh, and I like to smell nice and drink coffee, too.


2 responses to “What Foursquare Says About Me

  1. I’m guessing you’re in the coffe shop, making fun of those in the playground?

  2. I’m going to forward the knot-tying techniques to hubby.
    They are beautiful. I hope Mrs. Harvey feels better very soon.

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